Bahrain: $1.5m generated at unique vehicle numbers’ auction

Unique vehicle numbers' auction
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Mazad, a subsidiary of Bahrain Mumtalakat Holding Company and Arabian Auctions, said that its fourth public auction of unique vehicle license plate numbers that was held in Manama generated revenues totalling BD 564,000 ($1.48 million).

The auction witnessed intense competition amongst bidders, creating heightened interest amongst attendees and followers.

Of the 25 unique license plate numbers, the highest bid was received for plate number 655555which was sold for BD76,000. Bidders from across the GCC region gathered to participate in this event and vehicle plate number 644444 came in second place, having been sold for BD67,000 followed by plate number 650000 with a value of BD65,000. All numbers were handed over to their respective owners at the end of the event.

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The auction sector in Bahrain is progressing and developing with a growing interest from the public audience participating in the organised auctions, which was clear in the fourth public auction that achieved great success on all levels, starting with participation levels, sales, and clients satisfaction.

The event closed with a special raffle draw on plate numbers 640065 and 655564 for all auction participants.


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