Bahrain: 100+ Ads Taken Down in One Day

The removal was carried out in accordance with the articles of a law decree law No. (2) of 1996 on the occupancy of public roads, and the advertising law stipulated by Law No. 14 of 1993.
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The Northern Municipality announced through its official website and social media accounts that it removed a total of 135 violating advertisements in one day only.
The 135 violating advertisements were in Buri, Aali, Salmabad, Hamad Town and Budaiya Street. Legal measures were taken against the violating companies according to the mechanism adopted in the municipality.

The municipality assured that it conducts periodic campaigns to monitor and remove these violations. The municipality added that these violating advertisements significantly increased recently which, it added, reflected negatively on the aesthetics of the regions and its cultural image.

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The municipality noted it welcomes receiving all communications and complaints through the national system of complaints and proposals “Tawasul” or through its official media accounts or by personal attendance to the municipality building or through the website


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