Bahrain: 15-year sentence for raping teenagers

Bahraini man jailed for supporting terror activities in the Kingdom.
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The High Criminal Court has slapped 15 years jail term on a 30-year-old Bahraini for raping two teenage sisters, one of whom aged only 13 years.

The defendant is said to have blackmailed his victims using images portraying him having sex with one of them, aged 18 years. He allegedly fooled her that he was in deep love with her after knowing her through a social media platform.

On their first date they went shopping at a local shopping mall from where he took her to his house, where she was forced into having sex with him.  “He deceived me and took me to his house and I begged him not to do it. He took me there against my will and forced me to have sex with him,” the 18-year old girl said.

“He requested to have sex with me again and when I refused he forwarded my naked images, threatening to post them online. “He raped me many times, threatening again and again of posting those images,” she added. The defendant’s brutality reached a different level when he managed to get the 13-year old girl’s mobile number and he blackmailed her too with her sister’s images, according to Prosecutors. He took her to his house and he raped her too. Both girls exorcised their fears and went to the police and filed a case against the defendant who was found out to be involved in many cases. As a result, the High Criminal Court hit him with heavy punishment.


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