Bahrain: 2 Girls Suspended From School For Selling Drugs

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Two 13-year-old girl students have been suspended from a school in the Southern Governorate in Bahrain for allegedly selling drugs to classmates.

The ministry added that the students can adopt homeschooling even after their suspension.

“These students are accused of bringing drugs to school and selling it to classmates, which was confirmed by the authorities there. There have also been allegations of some students engaging in prostitution, but there are no substantive pieces of evidence,” the sources added.

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Meanwhile, a representative of the Ministry of Education said that an investigative committee has been formed to probe into the incident.

“A decision has been taken considering the seriousness of the issue. Two students have been suspended but they will be able to write the exam,” the ministry said. “The ministry will take every step to ensure the safety of the students,” it added.

The report went viral on social media after a psychologist threw light into the incident. Subsequently, netizens shared a hashtag on the need to spread awareness against the use of drugs at schools.

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