Bahrain: 2 Men Arrested For Smuggling Drugs Hidden In Religious Books

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Two men used an unexpected trick to smuggle marijuana into the Kingdom by hiding the drugs in religious books. Their attempt, however, was foiled and they were arrested.

According to court files, the defendants were coming from Dhaka and among their luggage was a box which contained religious books. A customs officer who suspected the duo of carrying something illegally ordered for them to be extensively inspected.

The books were searched as part of the inspection and they were found to have drugs hidden inside them. They are said to have used religious books to quash any doubts on them.

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However, during questioning, they dismissed any link to the books, stating that they were given to them by clerics in their hometown before coming to Bahrain.  “They told us we would go to heaven if we take the books with us and deliver them in Bahrain,” one of the defendants told prosecutors.

After having their claims declined by the Public Prosecutors, the pair were tried before the High Criminal Court, which sentenced them to 15 years behind bars each along with a fine of BD5,000. The defendants will be deported once they complete their sentences.

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Source: DT News

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