Bahrain: 3 Asian women get 10-year jail for sex trafficking

The High Criminal Court has sentenced three Asian women to 10 years in prison each for trafficking a woman and forcing her into prostitution. They were also ordered to shoulder the expenses of their victim’s travel to her hometown. The victim was working at a restaurant in her hometown, and she met another woman who presented her with the opportunity to work at a restaurant in Bahrain for a good salary.

She accepted but had to pay BD1,200 as per the agreement she struck with the woman who offered the job to her. Much to her shock, the victim learned that she got caught in a trap upon her arrival to the Kingdom of Bahrain as she fell prey to a prostitution ring. She was transferred to a local apartment, where she was locked up and forced to have sex.

According to court files, the first defendant sold the victim to the second defendant for BD500. The latter was sent to a hotel under the management of the third defendant. She was also forced to do the same. The woman’s agony was put to an end after a customer empathised with her and gave her his phone to call her country’s embassy. The trio will be deported after they complete their jail terms


The Daily Tribune

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