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Bahrain: 3 Expats Caught For Stealing Copper Wires

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Three expats were arrested for allegedly stealing copper wires worth more than BD6,000.

A company in Eskar had more than BD6,000 in losses after copper wires were stolen from its premises. After a complaint from the company, the authorities sprung into action and launched an investigation.

The investigation led to the capture of three suspects. The arrest was confirmed by the Ministry of Interior.

“The Southern Governorate Police Directorate in co-ordination with the Capital Governorate Police has arrested three Asians suspected of stealing copper wires worth more than BD6,000 from a company in Eskar and selling them to shops,” the ministry stated.

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“The Director-General of Southern Governorate Police highlighted that the company’s employee reported the case, and the investigation led to identifying the suspects. “Two of them were arrested red-handed. One of them is working for the company and facilitated the robberies.


“The third defendant was responsible for selling the wires.”

“He said that legal proceedings are being taken to refer the case to the Public Prosecution.”



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