Bahrain: 35 Irregular Workers Reported, 8 Agencies Referred for Legal Action

The Labour Market Regulatory Authority (LMRA) announced that a joint inspection campaign, in cooperation with the Interior Ministry, has resulted in the detection of a number of violations related to the Labour Market and Residency Laws and Regulations.

The authority said that 35 irregular workers were arrested for violating their work permits and eight violating manpower agencies were referred for legal action after failing to acquire the necessary licenses.

The LMRA stressed its commitment to monitor and regulate the labour market through specialised and dedicated teams to ensure that rights are preserved and to secure a safe work environment for all.

The authority emphasised the need for all enterprises and individuals to comply with the legal procedures set and acquire the needed licenses from the LMRA to avoid legal accountability.

It renewed its call for the public to report any violations related to the labour market and illegal employment.


Bahrain News Agency

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