Bahrain: 365,467 Citizens Eligible To Vote Next Month

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365,467 citizens are eligible to cast ballots in the parliamentary and municipal elections next month.

The figure was confirmed after the Court of Appeals ruled in all the 21 cases that challenged the decisions of heads of supervisory centres, upholding 12 and overturning nine. The figure for the 2018 elections has 15,754 more voters than that of the last elections in 2014.

The committee said that 81,892 eligible voters are in the 10-constituency Capital Governorate, 79,213 in the eight-constituency Muharraq Governorate, 125,870 in the 12-constituency Northern Governorate and 78,492 in the 10-constituency Southern Governorate.

Those who plan to run as candidates in either the parliamentary or municipal elections have from Wednesday until Saturday to fill in their application papers.

The lists of candidates for the 40-seat lower chamber of the bicameral parliament and for the municipal councils will be displayed from October 22 until October 24 for details and corrections.

Judges at the supervisory centres will announce their decisions by October 27, and challenges will be relayed to the court until October 30. The court has until November 6 to examine all challenges.

The final list of candidates will be announced on November 7 and the elections will be held on November 24. In constituencies where no winner is declared, a second round between the two top candidates will be held on December 1.


Source Credit: Gulf News


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