Bahrain: 4 men jailed for kidnapping maid, forcing her into prostitution

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Four Bangladeshi men have been arrested for locking up an Asian maid and forcing her into prostitution, according to court files.

The victim, aged 27, came to the Kingdom of work as a maid but wasn’t happy with her job wage after serving for nine months, according to court files.

She wanted to go back to her country but the company who brought her to the country asked a big amount of money from her.

She continued working in one of the homes until she met one of the four, who offered her a better monthly salary. However, he along with the other three locked her up in an apartment in Muharraq and forced her to have sex with strangers.

 “I ran away from employers and I joined them. They took me to an apartment in Muharraq, where I was forced to have sex with strangers for BD12 each. I refused and I asked them to take me to my country’s embassy. However, they declined my request. I stayed in the apartment for almost four months, where I was encountering 3-10 men each day,” the victim told prosecutors.  She revealed that she was also ordered to write the name and date of each man who came to the apartment in a notebook she was given for this purpose. The maid eventually escaped from the apartment and filed a complaint against the four men.

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