Bahrain: 47 Among Quarantined Expat Workers Tested Positive

The Ministry of Health stated that 47 of the existing cases that were announced today are for migrant workers who had been quarantined precautionally because they are in contact with an existing condition, and after confirming the periodic results of laboratory tests carried out for those in quarantine, it was found that Tests of all 47 contact cases were positive to be added to the existing cases.

In line with the royal directives of His Majesty King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa, the king of the country, may God bless him and protect him, that the Ministry of Health shall provide medical care and health services for examination, quarantine, and treatment for all citizens and residents in the Kingdom, then therapeutic health services will be provided to this group of workers in centers Corona isolation and treatment.

The Ministry of Health confirmed that it immediately took precautionary and preventive measures for all those involved in these cases, confined all workers in the designated precautionary quarantine centers, placed them under observation, and conducted laboratory tests to ensure their safety, and it was decided to extend their stay in the quarantine quarantine for a period of two weeks according to the preventive measures followed.


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