Bahrain: 53rd Most Terror-Affected Country In The World

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‘The Global Terror Index (GTI): Measuring and Understanding the Impact of Terrorism’ by the Institute for Economics and Peace revealed that terror-related incidents have come down in the Kingdom.

According to the report, Bahrain is the 53rd most terror-affected in the world. The study says that the impact of terrorism on Bahrain has reduced considerably in the past three years.

The report granted Bahrain a score of 3.883 out of 10 and placed the country in the “low” category in terms of impact from terrorism. The global terror index score for Bahrain in 2016 was 4.207 and 4.871 in 2015.

This year’s rank is considerably better than 2015 when it was 31st ranked and 2016 when it was ranked 44th. Saudi Arabia was the worst impacted in the region ranking 29 while neighbours the UAE ranked 127, Kuwait ranked 64, Qatar 130 and Oman 138.


Source Credit: DT News


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