Bahrain: 58 New Coronavirus Cases Recorded Today

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The Ministry of Health confirmed that it detected 58 new coronavirus cases today, bringing the total number of active cases to 1,491.

Of this, 50 cases are of expat workers, 7 are contacts of active cases and 1 was repatriated by the International Covid-19 Repatriation Programme.

Health officials in Bahrain also confirmed 60 new recoveries from the COVID-19 coronavirus today, bringing the total number of recoveries so far to 1,370 since the outbreak first began.

Currently, a total of 124,591 people have been tested and the total number of confirmed active cases is 1491, amongst which 2 patients are in critical condition. To date, 1370  patients have been discharged and 8 deaths have been confirmed.


This information is based on active cases in the webpage that was developed to show up-to-date Coronavirus (COVID-19) information in Bahrain.

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