Bahrain: More Than 500 Worker Residences Sterilized

A total of 593 workers’ residences were sterilized and around 537 companies confirmed they sterilized their work sites. This was announced by the Ministry of Labor and Social Development through its official website and social media accounts.

The ministry added that it made sure that workers’ residence areas had a space for precautionary quarantine when needed.

The Minister of Labor and Social Development, Jamil Humaidan stressed that it will not tolerate facilities that do not commit to ensuring the safety and health of workers, pointing out that the Ministry of Labor has formed a specialized team that includes an integrated team of supervisors and engineers of occupational safety in order to intensify communication with various establishments to ensure the activation of the legal article on the formation of committees for occupational safety and health in the workplace.

Humaidan also urged establishments in the private sector to activate work from home as much as possible, especially in jobs that can be managed from home, in order to reduce the number of workers in worksites.



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