Bahrain: 66% Of Bahraini Employees Are In Private Sectors

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Sixty-six per cent of Bahraini workforce is employed in the private sector, according to Labour and Social Development Minister Jameel Humaidan.

Quoting ministry sources, he said that 104,700 Bahrainis work in the private sector, which is growing year by year.

“The Labour Ministry has been in full efforts in the past few years to showcase job opportunities in the private sector to potential candidates. We have already organised seven jobs fairs this year while five more will be held.”

The minister, during an interaction with Al Ayam Editor-in-Chief Isa Al Shaiji, pointed out that reducing unemployment is one of the best ways to boost social development.

Mr Humaidan stressed that the Kingdom has a well-developed and integrated social protection system.

“Over BD380 million is disbursed to citizens under various schemes a year. And BD132m is spent towards providing pensions to elderly citizens per year.” He said many schemes are in place aimed at benefiting the elderly.

“The social clubs for the elderly has decreased the need to set up elderly homes since it is the best-offered choice to enhance the quality of life for the elderly.”


Source Credit: DT News


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