Bahrain: 7-Year Old Kid Attacked By Stray Dogs In Sanabis

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A group of stray dogs attacked a seven-year-old Bahraini child yesterday in Sanabis.

The incident took place at 3 pm on Sunday afternoon when the child was returning home following his play time.

The villagers quickly rescued the boy and rushed him to Salmaniya Medical Complex to receive treatment for the wounds sustained from the animal attack.

Family members stated that the rapid increase of strays in the area has been notified to the relevant authorities repeatedly.

According to Albilad, one of the family members of the kid said, “Residents in this area and other areas constantly complained to officials and through various media about the stray dogs’ phenomena. But all efforts were in vain. Responsible authorities have to find a permanent solution to this phenomena as it is started to turn dangerous and might be fatal. We don’t wish to hear that a kid died because of stray dogs.”

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Source: DT News


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