Bahrain: 9 sentenced for attacking cops with home-made gun

The two are members of Al Wafa mainstream, a group designated as a terrorist organisation.
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Nine men formed two terrorist groups in a bid to make weapons and use them against police officers, the court heard. The nine are said to have attacked police officers’ positions in Janabiya with a home-made gun.

Their attack was thwarted, and the first and second defendants were arrested at the scene. Apart from the gun, they were in possession of bullets and materials used in making improvised weapons. Further investigations found that the third defendant was the one who gave the gun to the second defendant and encouraged him to use it against police officers.

In addition, it was discovered that the three men were part of two terrorist groups, from whom nine members were busted, including the first and second
defendants who were nabbed at the scene.

Prosecutors said that the third, fourth and sixth defendants were trained by their co-suspects on how to use guns and make weapons for terrorism purposes.

The defendants were charged with forming terrorist groups and possessing weapons illegally. The defendants received sentences between three and 15 three years and their Bahraini nationality was revoked.


Source Credit: DT News


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