Bahrain: A Friendly Drive Turns Violent: Man Left With Permanent Injury After Friend’s Attack

A seemingly ordinary car ride between friends turned violent, leaving one man with a 3% permanent disability after a brutal assault by his companion. According to the victim’s account, the incident occurred at approximately 1:30 AM on the day of the attack.

“We were just driving along, and suddenly an argument broke out,” recounted the victim. Without warning, the 29-year-old defendant ‘punched me multiple times in the nose, forcing me to pull over.”

The attack did not stop there. “He then grabbed me by the neck, twisted my right arm behind me, and bit my left ear for around 15 seconds,” the victim described in horror. “He even pressed his finger into my left eye.”

The victim managed to escape the car, and ‘several bystanders had to intervene to separate us.” During the investigation by the Public Prosecution, the defendant confessed to the charges against him. A medical report confirmed the victim’s injury to his left ear, which has been classified as a 3% permanent disability in his current condition.

The defendant’s criminal record reveals a history of similar offences. “I’m just relieved the authorities are taking this seriously,” the victim stated.

The High Criminal Court has scheduled a hearing for July 8th to address the case. This incident serves as a stark reminder of the potential dangers of unchecked aggression, even among friends. “I never thought something like this could happen between us, the victim lamented.


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