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Bahrain: A Guide to 4G Home Broadband Packages

Whether you are looking for new ways to connect with your clients, rethinking how to provide better education for your students, or rushing to submit your university requirements – below are more information to help you navigate through this time.

After all, a reliable and fast connection is essential when working, lounging or studying from home.


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Batelco has multiple options for home broadband packages starting from BD12.6 to BD157.5. The minimum speed you can avail is 10MBPS with a 200GB limit while the maximum is 500MBPS without limit.


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stc offers packages for 4G home broadband ranging from BD10 to BD 32 with data limits from 60GB to 450GB. The home broadband comes with two options of routers: indoor and outdoor. Free access to Jawwy TV Home is also available upon purchase of the broadband plans.


Zain has three packages for 4G home broadband with BD12.6 being the cheapest. The BD12.6 package has a 100GB data allowance while the BD15.750 package has a 400GB limit. If you’re a heavy internet user, you can check out the most expensive package of BD26.250 with unlimited data and up to 20MBPS speed.

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Mena bh

Mena bh has cheap home broadband packages starting from BD8 per month. There is a multitude of options for data allowances that varies depending on the package price.


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