Bahrain: A Guide to Internet and Data Packages

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With the coronavirus (COVID-19) having an unprecedented impact on Bahrain’s society and economy, many commercial and social activities have shifted online. Access to internet has, more than ever, become a crucial link for residents to meet their needs for education, work, telemedicine and overall quality of life.

As Bahrain adapts to the realities and challenges of “social distancing”, network providers are also working around the clock to maintain robust service and ensure that everyone stays connected. Several plans and packages meant to assist users with connectivity requirements are available, as more people are encouraged to stay home.

Whether you are looking for new ways to connect with your clients, rethinking how to provide better education for your students, or rushing to submit your university requirements – below are more information to help you navigate through this uncertain time. After all, a reliable and fast connection is essential when working or studying from home.


To support the efforts against COVID19, Batelco enables unlimited usage for all fixed internet customers until 31st May 2020. It also has been announced for its post-paid business customers, an extra 10GB of Data per month for three months, valid until the end of June.

Their Fiber Home Internet Package starts from BD12.6 monthly while the Postpaid Mobile Internet Package starts from BD10.5 monthly. Mobile prepaid packages are also available with a BD7.350 starter pack for 10GB of data.

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Fiber Home Internet Packages
Postpaid Mobile Internet Packages
Mobile Prepaid Internet Packages

Batelco’s services are available online, on top of which same-day home delivery service for devices is available.


During the pandemic, stc offers unlimited data and 2 months free of subscription fees until 31st May. Its online shop also has exclusive upgrades on the latest devices.

stc’s Home Fiber Plans start at BD17.5 with 300GB of data. The Mobile Broadband Packages are available for BD10, BD15, BD20 and BD30, with different data allowances. Meanwhile, their Prepaid Broadband Sim is available for BD10.5 with a 20GB data threshold.

Home Fiber Plans
Mobile Broadband Packages
Prepaid Broadband Packages

Assuring home delivery within 2 hours, stc is also offering extra data on postpaid plans and extra validity on recharges done through their digital platforms.


As a part of Zain’s commitment towards social responsibility, all their Fixed Fiber subscribers and new users will enjoy UNLIMITED usage until 31st May. They also launched a “Be Safe” campaign to encourage customers to use its many digital channels for services such as replacing SIM cards, renewing post-paid plans, signing up for new plans and paying bills.

Customers can also purchase devices available for delivery within 24 hours.

Zain’s Fiber Packages start from BD15.750 with a monthly allowance of 300GB. Postpaid Mobile Broadband Packages start from BD10.500 a month with a 70GB threshold. On the other hand, Prepaid Mobile Broadband Packages have a starting price of BD7.350 with a 10GB limit.

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Fiber Packages
Postpaid Broadband Packages
Prepaid Broadband Packages

mena bh

Stay connected with mena bh’s home broadband packages. In light of the current pandemic, they are providing unlimited data for online classes (Google classroom, Edunet, MS Teams, UOB Blackboard) to all their broadband plans.

Their monthly home broadband packages range from BD7 to BD37.

Home Broadband Packages

Kalaam Telecom

Kalaam Telecom has Cloud Bundles and other solutions that will work for your business while you are staying safe at home.

Unlimited Packages

They have home broadband unlimited packages with prices ranging from BD12 to BD150, depending on the chosen speed.

A Final Note

Just recently, we have reported that a significant number of users are complaining about reduced data speeds and packages, a great inconvenience at a time like this. Lost connections and speeds slower than advertised are common complaints. This pandemic made it very clear that an accessible, secure and fast connection is no longer a luxury but rather a necessity in this crisis and beyond.

While the causes are still unknown, it is high time for telecoms provider to build upon these remarks and ensure that everyone in Bahrain stays connected during these trying times.


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