Bahrain: African Nationals Appeal 15-Year Sentence For Drug Trafficking

The High Criminal Appeals Court has appointed legal representation for two African appellants who are contesting a 15-year prison sentence in Bahrain for drug trafficking.

The original verdict imposed a BD10,000 fine and ordered their deportation upon completion of their jail sentences.

The appeals court is scheduled to hear the case on October 8. Police arrested the first suspect based on information provided by airport customs officers who became suspicious of their activities upon their arrival in the Kingdom.

Upon confronting the incriminating evidence, the first defendant confessed to the crime and disclosed the whereabouts of a second accomplice.

Investigators later determined that both men were part of a larger drug trafficking network involved in smuggling narcotics into the Kingdom.

The Public Prosecution charged the defendants with drug trafficking and possession of marijuana, with the additional charge of drug abuse lodged against the first defendant.


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