Bahrain: African National’s Money-Doubling Scam Ends In Seven-Year Jail Time

A 46-year-old African national has lost his appeal against a seven-year prison sentence for defrauding investors out of thousands of dinars in a money-doubling scam.

The Supreme Criminal Court of Appeal upheld the earlier verdict by the lower court, along with a BD1,000 fine, fund confiscation, and deportation order.

According to court documents, the man deceived individuals by promising to double their money within weeks. Investigators said his elaborate scheme left many victims with counterfeit cash and significant financial losses.

Authorities apprehended him thanks to a vigilant deputy corporal who uncovered his fraudulent activities. Police reported that the man persuaded an Asian couple to give him BD5,000, promising to return BD10,000.

However, the couple experienced the shock of their lives upon discovering the counterfeit currencies they had received.

During the trial, a deputy corporal who played a key role in apprehending the accused testified that he learned about the incident from the defendant’s girlfriend, who worked at an accommodation services office.

He recounted that the accused had borrowed BD5,000 from her, assuring repayment of BD10,000 within a week but disappeared afterward.

In an attempt to retrieve the funds, the deputy corporal, disguised as a businessman, arranged a meeting with the accused in Manama.

Unaware of the ruse, the accused led the official to his apartment, where counterfeit 20 Bahraini dinar notes totaling 1,000 dinars were discovered. Upon confrontation, the accused admitted guilt and appealed for leniency.

However, failing to meet the repayment deadline, the victims lodged a report.

An investigating officer attested that the accused had a reputation for fraud, employing deceptive tactics to persuade victims of his money-doubling prowess.

His counterfeiting technique involved a variety of materials including paper, charcoal, powder, dyes, chemicals, rulers, and adhesive tape. The court subsequently convicted him of counterfeiting 20 Bahraini dinar notes.


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