Bahrain: Airline Staff Caught With Illegal Drugs

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A 51-year-old employee serving an airline company was arrested for possessing more than 10 kilograms of hashish as well as 100 gram of another narcotic substance at his house, it was revealed.

According to police investigations, that defendant was promoting the sale of banned drugs across the country along with two others, one of whom is hiding in Turkey.

Their illegal activities came to light after the police received a tip-off, which revealed that the 51-year-old man was peddling the drugs which were brought to him by his accomplices.

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He is said to have been arrested in the village of Jurdab after what was described as “heavy resistance” before police officers.

During the questioning, the 51-year-old employee denied he was selling drugs, although he admitted to consuming them, saying that he was buying them from a fugitive.

The defendant was put on trial before the High Criminal Court on charges of possessing drugs with an intent to use and sell. He was ordered to remain in the police detention for 15 days.

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Source: DT News