Bahrain Among Most Generous Countries In The World

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Bahrain is the tenth most generous country in the world, according to results of a study. The Kingdom was ranked tenth in the world when it comes to donating for charity, according to a study by the London-based Charities Aid Foundation (CAF).

With an overall score of 53 per cent, the index ranked Bahrain tenth overall with high scores in many indices.

The indices that boosted the Kingdom’s ranking include ‘helping a stranger’ where it was found that 74pc of the people in Bahrain surveyed helped a stranger in the previous year taking Bahrain to the sixth position in the index.

Bahrain was also ranked 25th in the ‘donating money’ index with a score of 53pc and ranked 24th in the ‘volunteering time’ index with a score of 33pc.

Indonesia was deemed the most generous country in the world. Australia and New Zealand made up the top three with only around half a percentage point between them.

“This year, significantly more people across the globe reported helping a stranger and volunteering their time and significantly fewer people reported donating money to a charity,” the report stated.

Thirty-six countries improved their donating money scores by at least three percentage points compared to 2017, but 42 countries declined by three percentage points.

Source Credit: DT news


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