Bahrain Among Top 10 Countries Where Tourists Outnumber Locals

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Bahrain is the ninth most visited country as measured by per capita, according to a study conducted by The Kingdom receives 3000 visitors per annum every year. It fares as one of the most popular destinations in the world, taking into account the small population of the country. 

The data for the study was used from a report released by the United Nations World Tourism Organization(UNWTO) and alternate sources.  

“With 6,600 visitors per 1,000 citizens arriving in Iceland each year, the beautiful island nation emerged on top. The Central Mediterranean island of Malta was in second place with 5,300 visitors, while the Bahamas in the Caribbean completed the top three spots with 3,800 visitors,” the report stated.

Yemen, Libya, Somalia, Afghanistan and the Central African Republic were the least visited countries in the world.

France received more visitors than any other country in the world at almost 87 million, putting their total at 1,340 per 1,000.  Some countries, like India, are on almost everybody’s bucket list. 

More than 11 million people visited Bahrain last year. 57% of the tourists  were on leisure trips, 23 per cent came for shopping, 9% came to visit family and friends, 6% for business and the remaining were transit passengers. The biggest spenders’ among tourists in Bahrain are Arab tourists. Last year, Bahrain earned BD1.6 billion from tourism. An average of BD1696 was spent by Arab tourists on a five-day trip.


Source Credit: DT News


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