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Bahrain Among Top 5 Arab Passports

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The Bahraini passport ranked 63th in the world and the fourth-strongest travel document in the Arab world, as it enables holders to access 82 countries around the world without a visa, or upon arrival visas, according to the “Henley Passport 2020” index.

The UAE passport came in the 18th rank globally, and the first in the Arab world, followed by the Kuwaiti passport as the second rank among the Arab world and 57 around the world. The Qatari passport is third, followed by the Bahraini passport at fourth followed by the Omani passport as fifth in the Arab world.

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Globally, Asian countries dominated the first three places in the evaluation as the most powerful passport in the world, as Japan remained on top of the list for the third year in a row as its passport holders can enter 191 countries without obtaining a visa, followed by Singapore in the second place, then South Korea and Germany tied in third place.





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