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Bahrain announces alert level system for educational institutions

The Ministry of Education has announced an operational strategy for public and private educational institutions adopted in line with the COVID-19 Alert Level Traffic Light System.

The resolution adopts a model incorporating both in-person and remote learning with the decision to return to in-person learning left to the discretion of students’ legal guardians.

The operational strategy allows schools to provide safe, in-person learning for students under the Green, Yellow, and Orange Alert Levels.

Under the Red Alert Level, all educational institutions must transition to remote learning.

Under the Green Alert Level, 100% of students are allowed to attend in-person lessons.

Maximum capacity will be reduced to 50% during the Yellow Alert Level and 30% during the Orange Alert Level, respectively.

Social distancing of at least 0.5-metre during Green Alert Level and 1-metre during the Yellow and Orange Alert level must be observed at all times.

The number of staff permitted to return to work in-person depends on the staffing levels required to ensure a continuity of operations. The staffing levels of private educational institutions is subject to their discretion.

Adhering to the necessary COVID-19 prevention and mitigation measures at all levels of the ‘COVID-19 Alert Level Traffic Light System’ reduces transmission rates and safeguards public health.



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