Bahrain Announces New Employment Programme Prioritizing Locals

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Bahrain has announced a new national employment programme which has been mainly designed to make citizens the first choice of employment in both the private and public sectors.

Speaking at the weekly Cabinet meeting held in Gudaiybiya Palace, Prince Khalifa outlined four key initiatives within the National Employment Program, which include:

  • Launching an awareness campaign to encourage citizens to register in the National Employment Programme
  • Amending the unemployment insurance draft law (78/2006) in order to increase compensation fees
  • Increasing fees associated with the Parallel Bahrainisation System and the Flexible Work Permit
  • Redesigning Tamkeen’s Training and Wage Support Programme

Jameel bin Mohammed Humaidan, The Minister of Labour and Social Development said the fees associated with the Parallel Bahrainisation System has been increased from BD300 to BD500 ($793 to $1,322), while the flexible work permit registration fees will be increased from BD200 to BD500, with a recurring monthly payment worth BD30.

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In a major move, the compensation fees paid to dismissed Bahraini employees has been hiked to a maximum of BD1000 from BD500 previously. Also, the compensation period has been extended from 6 to 9 months.

Dr Ibrahim bin Mohammed Janahi, the chief executive of Bahrain’s Labour Fund (Tamkeen), highlighted that the programme will pave the way for redesigning Tamkeen’s wage support program within one month.

He outlined that under the current Wage Support Program, Tamkeen’s contribution is focused on new graduates as well as experienced employees.

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For New graduates: Tamkeen encourages companies to hire Bahrainis through the Wage Support Program, which contributes to the salaries of Bahrainis over the first three years of employment: 70% in the first year; 50 per cent in the second year; and 30% in the third year. Tamkeen’s contribution reaches up to BD500 per month

Experienced employees: Through the Wage Support Program, Tamkeen allocates BD250 or 25 per cent of the salary for experienced Bahraini employees in the private sector, said the BNA report.

Source: Trade Arabia


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