Bahrain announces new travel protocols

Bahrain has put in place new travel protocols, effective July 22, in light of the ongoing spread of the coronavirus.

A notice posted on the Bahrain eVisa service announced the new measures, stating:

“In light of the World Health Organization’s (WHO) March 11 declaration that the novel coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) is a global pandemic, the Government of the Kingdom of Bahrain announces the following revised measures with effect from 00:00 Bahrain time, 22 July 2020.”

“The issuance of visas on arrival for all nationalities remains suspended until further notice. Furthermore:

  1. Entry is restricted to Bahraini citizens and residents, GCC citizens who do not require visas, diplomats,passengers holding a valid e-visa prior to boarding, military personnel, airline crew or holders of official,service, or UN passports. All other passengers will be denied entry to the Kingdom.
  2. Any citizen, resident, diplomat, e-visa holder, military personnel, airline crew or holder of an official,service or UN passport arriving from any other country will be required to undergo the kingdom’s enhanced arrivals testing procedure for Covid-19 (at their own expense) and will need to self-quarantine for 10 days from the date of arrival.”

Meanwhile, the Nationality, Passports and Residence Affairs has announced that from today (July 22), valid visa holders can enter Bahrain without the need for a letter of prior permission. The requirement of prior permission has been suspended.

The decision applies only to holders of valid visas issued by the NPRA. It does not apply to instant visas issued upon arrival at the country’s travel outlets and which are still suspended until further notice, the agency said.


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