Bahrain announces safety measures for prayer during Ramadan

Bahrain announced precautionary measures to be followed during Mosque prayers during Ramadan.

▪︎ All the precautions previously announced continue to be applicable
▪︎ Volunteer groups to organise entry and exit to the mosques
▪︎ Elders and those with chronic diseases are advised to pray at home
▪︎ Hosting Iftar meals and Eitikaaf in the mosques is prohibited
▪︎ Lessons, classes and speeches are prohibited in the mosques
▪︎ Abulation area and toilets will remain closed
▪︎ Tents are prohibited for any purpose including prayer

▪︎ Entry to the mosques is permitted to those who received the two doses of Covid-19 vaccine (14 days post the second dose). Recovered individuals are also permitted
▪︎ Vaccination and recovery certificates are to be presented through the BeAware app
▪︎ Waqf directorates to decide on the Mosques hosting Friday Prayers
▪︎ Governorates will be provided with a list of mosques to open for Friday prayer
▪︎ Mosques will open for Friday prayers 45 minutes before and close 20 minutes after the prayer
▪︎ In labour accommodations, companies will provide open areas for Friday prayer and the Imam will be provided by the Awqaf
▪︎ Friday sermon time limit set to a maximum 10 minutes
▪︎ Sermon translation is not allowed

▪︎ Gathering after Friday prayer is prohibited
▪︎ Women and individuals below the age of 15 are prohibited from attending Friday, Isha, and Taraweeh prayer
▪︎ List of Imams and reciters for Isha and Taraweeh prayer cannot be announced on any medium
▪︎ Taraweeh prayer duration is limited to 40 minutes
▪︎ All areas of the Mosque should be organised to host prayers for men only
▪︎ Group transportation of worshippers to mosques for Friday, Isha and Taraweeh prayer is prohibited
▪︎ Duration between Isha Azan and prayer set to 5 minutes
▪︎ Taraweeh prayer to be held immediately after Isha prayer
▪︎ Reduce the duration of Prayer and Dua Al Qanoot



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