Bahrain: Arab Driver Lost Control; Slammed Car Into Bakery

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A driver lost control and slammed into a bakery early morning on Friday at A’ali.

Employees at a bakery in A’ali had a narrow escape after a car ploughed through the shop when the driver lost its control. Luckily at the time of the incident, the store wasn’t busy and the employees were away. However, the accident caused major damages to ‘Radhwan Bakeries’ in A’ali. The car came to a halt after crashing through the glass door and then hitting a huge table inside the bakery. 

“I was inside the storage area when I heard a really loud crashing noise,” an employee at the bakery told Tribune. “When I came out, I saw the car crashed the glass door and a huge table which  finally stopped it.” The accident reportedly occurred at around 8:00 am yesterday, when the driver, an Arab national, lost control of the car as its both brakes failed.  

“The store wasn’t busy at that time,” said an employee who confirmed to Tribune that the shop was empty at the time of the accident. “Fortunately, no one was injured, but the store suffered massive damages. The entire storefront is broken, with glass scattered all over the bakery along with the damaged furniture inside the store,” the employee added.

Source Credit: DT news


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