Bahrain: Arab woman caught with 1,600 drug capsules

The High Criminal Court started hearing the case of a 50-year-old woman accused of attempting to smuggle 1600 medical capsules stuffed with illicit drugs into Bahrain.

Reportedly, the woman brought the capsules from Iran via a prescription, stating that they were for her for a year.

She, however, denied having any knowledge of outlawed components stuffed inside to police here.

Police said they spotted the woman moving suspiciously inside the airport terminal and subjected her to a detailed examination.

Customs officials said they found several capsules hidden inside her personal bags.

An investigating officer told the Court that he received confidential information on a possible smuggling attempt into the Kingdom and remained alert.

“Therefore, I circulated a memo requesting to have the suspect extensively searched once she arrives in the Kingdom of Bahrain,” the officer said.

“Later, our officers found from her 1,600 capsules,” the officer said during interrogation.

Public Prosecution charged the woman with attempting to smuggle the capsules into Bahrain for consumption and peddling


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