Bahrain: Arab Woman Fired ‘For Refusing To Remove Hijab’

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An Arab woman employed by a local hotel was sacked after she refused to remove her hijab, the Local Court heard.

The woman is said to have been asked to remove her hijab by her superiors, citing the working environment in the hotel. However, her disobedience proved costly as she lost her job.

She filed a complaint against the hotel for unjustified dismissal and won the case, receiving a compensation of BD5,726.

Revealing the details of the case, lawyer Mohammed Al Thawadi, said that the hotel management tried to cook up reasons for firing her and claimed that she failed to report for work for over one month.

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“They said that they had set up an investigation committee to inquire about her alleged absence on December 13, 2016, while the papers showed that the woman was fired on December 8, 2016. Therefore, their claim was a lie,” Mr Al Thawadi stated.


Source: DT News