Bahrain: Around 30 abandoned Cars Notified In Southern Area

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The Municipality of the Southern Area has notified a total of 30 cars in its campaign against abandoned and scrap cars especially those occupying main roads in Al-Hajjeyat area. The municipality noticed the cars by sticking a warning sticker on the cars.

Owners of the notified cars were given deadlines to remove their abandoned and scrap cars to avoid paying the cost of removing them in case the municipality removed them. Residents and citizens of the area have complained about cars which occupy middle areas of residential neighbourhoods. In addition to their non-urban appearance which, residents added, is not compatible with the urban nature of the areas.

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They pointed out that these abandoned and scrap cars block visibility and obstructing traffic within villages and cities, prompting the municipality to continue to organize campaigns to put an end to such negative phenomena on society.

The area’s municipality stated that the total number of vehicles removed in the last period reached 260 abandoned and scrap cars. The municipality stated that legal procedures have been taken against them.

Source Credit: DT News


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