Bahrain: Around 800 People Injured in Worksites Last Year

Accidents at worksite
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Statistics show that close to 800 people were injured in worksite accidents in the third quarter of last year.

According to official figures, as many as 789 people were injured in worksite accidents last year. The figures say 432 Bahrainis and 357 expatriates were injured in worksite accidents in the third quarter of last year. There were 613 accidents involving Bahrainis and 424 involving expatriates.

The statistics were revealed by the Social Insurance Organisation (SIO). The SIO revealed that the majority of the cases were from the private sector. Slip or fall was the most common reason for worksite accidents. Collision with machinery, injury caused by falling objects and cuts from tools are also listed as top reasons behind worksite injuries.

The report which compiled data from both private and public sectors showed that a total of 583 cases of worksite injuries were reported in the second quarter of the year. Of the total, 321 accidents involved Bahrainis while 262 involved non-Bahrainis. Quite similar to the third quarter, the private sector saw the vast majority of the accidents in the second quarter.

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The public sector saw 113 worksite injures 97 in the second quarter. The private sector saw 470 cases of worksite injuries. In the second quarter, the injuries were mostly from various accidents such as colliding with mobile devices, slipping and falling, carrying heavy objects, cuts by sharp objects, cuts by mechanical issues and sharp objects piercing the body. Over a thousand people were injured in worksite accidents in 2018.

The statistics revealed by the Social Insurance Organisation (SIO) in 2018 says that 1,037 people were injured in worksite accidents, which includes 613 Bahrainis and 424 expatriates. In the public sector last year, 221 cases of worksite accidents were recorded, 198 involved Bahrainis while expatriates were the victims in 23 accidents in 2018.

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However, the Kingdom is on the right track when it comes to curbing the number of serious worksite accidents as the number of accidents that led to serious injuries or fatalities has reduced by more than 30 percent in recent years, the SIO observed. The reduction has been partly attributed to the rigorous awareness campaigns done by the Labour Ministry to bring awareness about the need to follow safety procedures when performing hazardous work.


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