Bahrain: Azamat Murzakanov – King of KHK World Championship

Azamat Murzakanov in KHK World Championship tournament
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The expectations for the unveiling of the most prestigious prize in sports today were enormous. Up until minutes before the final of the KHK World Championship, the world had yet to see the KHK belt in its true glory. It was fitting that the entrance of the glorious belt had a different setting, as it arrived in a helicopter and was taken inside the sold-out Khalifa Sports City Arena for the world to see.

Inside the cage, a match for the ages took place as two battered fighters had to dig deep to find the power and resilience to go through a second battle in the night in order to win the biggest prize of all.

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It was Azamat Murzakanov who became the first-ever winner of the KHK World Championship, the best start ever to what promises to become the World Cup of mixed martial arts.

“The Professional” improved his professional record to 9-0 and maintained his undefeated status. If Azamat wins the tournament two more times he will have the right to become the permanent owner of the most prestigious belt in the world, adorned with 6.2 kg of gold.

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