Bahrain: Bakery Closed Down For Violating Health Standards

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An unlicensed bakery in Askar was closed down yesterday by the authorities for the unhygienic environment inside the shop.

The bakery located in Askar, in the Southern Governorate, was closed down as it did not possess the required licences to be operational along with violating health standards.

Sources said the bakery was really in a bad shape and it was being run in an unhygienic manner. Authorities raided the shop and found that the health and safety standards were not followed.

The raid was conducted by the Ministry of Health in coordination with the Southern Governorate and Public Prosecution. Prior to the raid, the bakery had come under scrutiny after a video clip showing unhygienic practices there went viral. No complaints of food poisoning are known to have been filed against the bakery.

According to sources, the building which housed the bakery was also providing accommodation to a large number of workers. The Ministry of Health confirmed the raid in a statement issued yesterday.


Source Credit: DT News


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