Bahrain: Bank Employee Jailed For Embezzling Funds

The High Appeals Court has upheld the four-year jail sentence issued against a bank employee who embezzled over BD500,000 from customer accounts and lost the funds through online betting sites.

The bank employee, whose identity remains undisclosed, was also fined an amount of BD100,000.

Furthermore, the court ordered the confiscation of the embezzled sum, totaling BD502,580, along with the individual’s personal assets.

The case surfaced after the Anti-Corruption Crimes Department of the General Directorate of Anti-Corruption received a report, prompting an investigation into the accused’s unlawful activities.

Investigations revealed that the bank employee misused his access to the bank’s electronic system, allowing him unauthorized entry into customer accounts.

By fabricating cash withdrawal vouchers and manipulating the “Benefit Pay” application, the perpetrator managed to siphon off large sums of money.

Additionally, the accused issued ATM cards illicitly, exploiting them for personal gain.

The National Centre for Financial Investigation corroborated the extent of the embezzlement and provided valuable insights into the accused’s actions.


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