Bahrain: Bank employees on trial for leaking client information

The number of court sessions are reduced as a precautionary measure.
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The High Criminal Court has begun hearing the case of a public employee and four bank employees accused of forming a cell among them to reveal clients’ personal information. According to court files, the employees of the bank signed a contract with the public employee to provide them with personal information about the clients who approach the bank for loans. It’s said that they were paying him BD300 for his services. 

While investigating the case, police officers found a list of the clients who applied for personal loans and the public employee provided their personal information to the bank’s employees, who include a woman and three men. 

As per the court files, the woman was the one who proposed the idea of dealing with the public employee to her teammates who agreed on it. The public employee reportedly demanded to be paid BD10,000 at a later stage for leaking the personal information. The bank’s employees were charged with bribing a public employee while the latter was accused of violating his authorities. 


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