Bahrain: Bank Ordered To Pay BD15,000 For Illegal Termination

It’s claimed that the pair were involved in robbing three other places,
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A local bank is ordered to compensate an Arab legal consultant with BD15,000 for illegal termination of his contract by the High Labour Court

The court also ordered the bank to pay 1% legal interest per annum from the date of the claim until full payment. From her side, lawyer Shireen Al Ghazali, the plaintiff ’s legal representative, said that the bank had contacted her client several times in six months, asking him to join the legal team of the bank in order to benefit from his legal experience.

“My client also serves as an international arbitrator and was chosen in 2015 on Legal 500 magazine’s list of the most 100 influential legal consultants.

“Due to the defendant’s insistence, my client resigned from his post in order to join the bank.

“In the first six months of his tenure, the bank made many direct successes, managing to collect BD6,000,000 from settlements with debtors who stopped covering their installments. He also made essential changes to the articles of association of the bank.

“However, the bank shocked my client by asking him to submit his resignation in one hour. His email was deleted from the database of the bank and all the works were directed to other employees serving in the legal department,” the lawyer told.

The court considered the bank’s action illegal and the dismissal unlawful and ordered the bank to compensate him for the remaining term of the contract.


Source Credit: DT News


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