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Bahrain: Batelco first in Middle East region to launch Reseller services

Batelco is the first telecommunications company in the Middle East region to launch the AMS-IX (Amsterdam Internet Exchange) service, Manama-IX Reseller Service.

Batelco welcomed AMS-IX CEO who visited Batelco’s HQ to meet with Batelco’s Chief Global Business Officer and celebrate the launch. During the meeting the ongoing development of Manama-IX (Manama Internet Exchange) and the important role played by internet exchanges in today’s digital society were discussed.

The Manama-IX Reseller service benefits members of Manama-IX, as they can now resell a portion of their capacity on the platform to other providers, who in turn benefit as they don’t need to establish a direct connection to Manama-IX.

To learn more about the Manama Internet Exchange platform, please visit


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