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Bahrain: Batelco launches 3 new digital companies

Batelco marks another milestone in its digital transformation journey with the launch of three new independent digital companies – BEYON Cyber, BEYON Solutions, and BEYON Connect – set to operate in Bahrain and beyond.

The new companies provide state-of-the-art solutions that cater to the emerging needs of today’s business in areas such as ICT, cloud computing, cyber security and digital communications. The announcement of the three brands, which augment the BEYON portfolio, was made during a press conference on Wednesday, 19th January.

This turn digital transformation was the outcome of three years of strategic planning, Batelco Chairman, Sh. Abdulla Al Khalifa said.

BEYON Cyber is a leading provider of advanced end-to-end cyber-security solutions, providing managed services and advisory to organizations across Bahrain and beyond. The company leverages on an exclusive network of global partnerships to provide simple, cost-effective, world-class security services to customers, and enable them to accelerate their digital potential.

BEYON Solutions caters to the full range of technology needs of the public and private sectors. Capitalizing on its solid partnerships with ICT providers from across the world, BEYON Solutions is an agile IT and digital transformation consultancy offering cutting edge system integration solutions to businesses of all sizes, to help them build a scalable, efficient, and secure IT landscape.

BEYON Connect is focused on delivering new technologies with great innovation potential, Software-as-a-Service platforms, and advanced IT solutions to both the public and private sectors in the MENA region.

The new companies will be positioned as key players in the digital solution space across the region and bring to market innovative products and services that respond to the needs of the public and private sector, addressing challenges faced in the evolving digitising economy, Batelco Chief Digital Growth Officer, Sh. Mohamed Al Khalifa said.


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