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Bahrain: Benefit launches new contactless payment method

Benefit, Bahrain’s leading company in Fintech and electronic financial transactions services, announced the official launch of Tap & Go, a new contactless payment method for BenefitPay users, enabling them to make digital purchases at POS machines using only their Android smartphone.

The Tap & Go contactless payment method allows BenefitPay users to make secure digital payments through POS machines to purchase a variety of goods and services throughout various locations around Bahrain, and distinguishes itself through its ease of use, only requiring the user to place their smartphone next to a POS machine to complete their contactless payment, said a statement.

This payment method provides a high level of security, and operates on a system of tokenization; wherein the user’s bank details are stored in a safe vault that transmits ensuring users that no one can access their personal information.

Tap & Go is considered an important addition to BenefitPay, the kingdom’s first e-wallet of its kind. This newly added feature distinguishes itself by removing the maximum limit of amounts of transactions, without the need of using PIN codes unlike other similar services that are capped at BD20 or BD50, whereas contactless payment through BenefitPay relies on the security of the smartphone auto-locking, face recognition, the biometric identity authentication and the pin code on the device itself.

BenefitPay has exceeded 500,000 registered users through its variety of payment services, in addition to its ability of completing POS machine transactions throughout Bahrain. Transfers, bill payments and the digital Sadeem services and more can be enjoyed through the mobile application, as the company strives to have BenefitPay as a traditional form of payment in Bahrain, the statement said.


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