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Bahrain Boasts Low Inflation Rate, Ranking Among Lowest Worldwide

Bahrain’s economic stability is evident in its remarkably low inflation rate, securing the country the 11th position globally, according to data published by Global Finance Magazine. With an anticipated inflation rate of just 1.4% for the year, Bahrain stands out as a model of economic resilience in a world grappling with rising costs.

This achievement places Bahrain second only to Oman within the Arab region, where the Sultanate is projected to experience an even lower inflation rate of 1.3%. Neighbouring countries like the United Arab Emirates, Morocco, and Saudi Arabia follow closely behind with projected rates of 2.1%, 2.158%, and 2.257%, respectively.

Bahrain’s success in controlling inflation contrasts sharply with the global scenario, where several countries are battling rampant inflation. Zimbabwe currently faces the highest inflation rate globally at a staggering 560.981%, followed by Argentina at 249.793% and Sudan at 145.535%.

On the other end of the spectrum, the Republic of Seychelles enjoys a negative inflation rate of -239%, the lowest globally. Costa Rica and Thailand follow with -0.286% and 0.7%, respectively.

It is important to note that inflation data for Palestine, Syria, and Lebanon is currently unavailable, as per the Global Finance Magazine website.

This positive economic indicator highlights Bahrain’s responsible fiscal policies and its efforts to maintain a stable and prosperous environment for its citizens and businesses alike.


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