Bahrain: British expat woman escapes knife-wielding man

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A woman living in Saar had a narrow escape when a knife-wielding man targeted her at the horse race track in Saar.

She shared her story with DT News in hopes of helping other women.

“It was a bit dark, so I never noticed him getting close,” Bethany Nash said. “When I spotted him he was already near me.”

Bethany Nash is from England and has been a long-time resident of Saar.  “I grew up here in Bahrain and I never experienced any such incidents.”

She told DT News that the incident occurred at around 8:00 pm on Thursday when she was at the horse race track for a walk.

“He was holding a phone with a flashlight,” Nash said. “I had two big dogs with me, but he wasn’t scared.” The dogs were pets and never trained to be aggressive.

As soon as I saw him “he shushed me and pulled out a knife.”

“I panicked, screamed and ran away,” said Nash. “Fortunately, he also panicked upon hearing my scream.”

“I did not look back and ran towards the residential area,” she said.

Nash has filed a case at the Budaiya police station. “I have given them the description of the man and the details of the incident.”

When asked about the man’s ethnicity, she said, “If I had to guess, I would say he looked Bangladeshi, but I cannot be sure.”

Source credit – Daily Tribune

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