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Bahrain: Call For ‘Radical Solution’ Against Stray Dogs

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“I call for a radical solution to the stray dogs phenomena by the responsible authorities,” President of the Southern Municipal Council, Bader Al-Tamimi, said in a circular issued by the municipality. He noted that this call was on behalf of citizens and residents of the southern governorate in general and Askar are in particular.

He added that attacks of stray dogs are increasing panic is spreading among citizens, residents, parents and school students. He stressed that animal rights should not remain as an obstacle to the most basic rights of citizens and residents which, he noted, their safety and security.

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Al-Tamimi confirmed that the number of complaints to the municipality by citizens, residents, parents and school students in Askar village about to serious attacks of stray dogs was increasing significantly. This big number of complaints, Al-Tamimi noted, reflect the spread of panic and anxiety among citizens and residents especially children.

He pointed out that the parents feel scared and insecure to let their children walk to schools, residents and citizens are afraid to go to mosques, to gardens etc in light of the large spread of stray dogs in the area.

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The Southern Municipal Council’s president added that the castration of stray dogs was not a successful solution. He said that the proof of the failure of castration was the spread of small puppies in large numbers. He pointed out that the cleanliness company responsible for catching stray dogs release them in the other residential areas which, he said, was unacceptable and must stop.



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