Bahrain Camping Season starts with 1967 registrants

Camping Season
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The number of registrants for the current camping season 2019-2020 reached 1967 in the first week of registration. 

The governorate added that it received around 3337 inquiries and suggestions through the governorate’s camping App (Khayyem) and around 200 individuals came in person to the governorate’s inquiry center. It noted that the number of shops reached 67 and 5 entertainment stores.

About the security and preserving health and safety, the southern governorate conducted an awareness campaign organized in cooperation with the General Directorate of Civil Defense. The campaign aimed at adopting and strengthening the security role and community partnership with various governmental and private security agencies and achieving security and social awareness. It focused on the importance of main elements of camping like allocating a fire extinguisher in each camp and instructions for its use, head-protective security caps while driving desert buggies and making sure of the safety of the electrical connections inside and outside the tents.

The governorate stated that charge-free registration for the camping season 2019-2020, which will continue until 20 March 2020, made it a very unique season. They added that it was also distinguished by allocating more and specific sites for families and individuals.

This season, they noted, witnessed installing signs with names of areas on them to facilitate communication with citizens and provide the best services developed by smart and accessible methods through the channels available in smartphones for the southern governorate held annually in cooperation with various security and environmental authorities.


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