Bahrain: Car number plate sold for BD76,000

Unique vehicle numbers' auction
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A unique car registration was recently sold for a whopping sum of BD76,000 at an auction held.

Mazad revealed that a grand total of BD564,000 was received at the auction. The event was the fourth public auction organised by Mazad in co-operation with Arabian Auction.

The registration (655555) was the highest-earning number, which was sold for BD76,000. It was sold after intense competition from participants.

Participants from various GCC countries were part of the auction. The number 644444 came second with a value of BD67,000, followed by the number 650000, which went for BD65,000.

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The auction that aims to cater to a variety of collectors’ tastes, comprised 25 numbers from a new set of unique vehicle licence plates starting from 640000 and 650000.


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