Bahrain: “Car-sandwich” accident in Riffa

"Car-sandwich" accident in Riffa.
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Photos and videos of a “car sandwich” accident in Riffa went viral today and received massive comments. The accident happened while the driver was trying to go out of a parking lot.

The accident occurred in the parking lot of the Oasis Mall when the driver mistakenly drove forward instead of reversing. This led to colliding and crashing the cement wall of the parking which is higher than the street’s level. 

The car fell on another car which was parked down in the street. The accident resulted in major damages to the cars but assured that the driver escaped the incident with zero injuries.

Police took necessary procedures until the traffic police arrived and pulled both cars out as it caused jams. The Ministry of Interior in cooperation with the General Directorate of Traffic stated that they initiated an investigation into the accident.


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