Bahrain: CCTV Camera Use in Shops Regulated

The Director-General of Civil Defence said that the shop owners are responsible for periodically managing, maintaining and updating those cameras on its excellent performance.
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Per the implementation of the decision of the Interior Minister on the regulation and the use of CCTVs and obligement of shop owners to install them when issuing or renewing CRs, the General Directorate of Civil Defence has launched an awareness campaign on this regard in cooperation with Police Directorates.



The Director-General of Civil Defence highlighted that the installed cameras should fulfil the required conditions and specifications, including keeping the recordings for 120 days and not to make any changes on them. It is prohibited to install cameras at bedrooms, physiotherapy rooms, toilets, changing rooms and places allocated for women. It is also forbidden to send or post those recordings by the owners for any source before the approval of the General Directorate of Civil Defence and permission of the Chief of Public Security or his deputy.

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